Saturday, January 22, 2011

PunflayKids--A Review

I got an iPad for Christmas.

(Jealous much?)

And because I got an iPad, I got an opportunity to review some cool apps for my kids.

From their website:

PunflayKids is a division devoted to developing apps (iPad) for young, growing children. These apps are meant to be for fun, holidays & special occasions and casual learning purposes.

They are developed with an eye to thrill, fascinate and engage the young ones' minds and provide value for money.

My Review

PunflayKids provided me with four different apps to review: Rhymes for Tots, Kandy Fish, ABC Numbers, and Puzzle Mania.

The first three apps are definitely designed for my middle child, C. She's 3 1/2 and is eager to learn.

I could only open up one of the nursery rhymes in Rhymes for Tots, but it is fun and interactive. There is an animated video of the rhyme plus five educational-but-fun activities.

Kandy Fish is C's absolute favorite! The animated fish swim all over the screen and kids get to drag them around sorting by color, finishing patterns, and drawing shapes.

ABC Numbers is probably the most educational of the four I received. In the ABC section, kids can explore the alphabet through pictures, letters, phones, and writing. There's a neat touch scroll on the side of the screen that makes navigation a breeze. In the Numbers sections, kids are introduced to basic math skills. They can tap a number to hear the number spoken and see that number of objects on the screen. They can count the objects themselves by tapping the pictures and have the corresponding number light up on the number line.

I also got to review Puzzle Mania which is more of a family app than child app. There are four different logic/math puzzles (can you tell why I was interested?) that are just challenging enough without being frustrating. I think kids would enjoy them, too, though they may not fully understand what they're supposed to do or how the puzzles work.

All in all, I am very pleased the with my iPad apps from PunflayKids! They are all fun and interactive with bright graphics and easy to use. And they're mostly inexpensive, too.

This post was written for Family Review Network and PunflayKids who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been a lazy blogger lately, I know. But, in and among everything going on around here, the blog has been shoved aside.

We were in Leavenworth over New Years.

We had a check stolen from our mailbox and cashed.

We decided to change our bank account because of it.

E was sick two days last week.

Mr. Einstein was sick a different two days last week.

C and M showed symptoms of being sick, but it never fully materialized.

We've had several school closures due to snow and icy roads.

I've almost finished my very first quilt.

I've (finally) discovered Ebates.

I've been selling stuff like crazy on eBay.

I've been watching two boys in the morning before school in addition to the girl I already watch before and after school.

I've been trying to find childcare for a morning Bible study at our church (why won't anyone watch our kids???).

That's about it. Those are the happenings around here. It's been busy, to say the least.

What's going on with you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011



...has decided he wants to potty train. I'm not ready, but he apparently is. He calls it "Poo-poo Bubba" when he wants to sit on the potty-training seat.

...cut all four of his molars without any of us noticing. Seriously. All four. I didn't even notice until last night. FINALLY learning to sleep in his big-boy bed. He doesn't always stay in it, he has yet to pass an entire night in it, he still ends up in crib most of the time. BUT he's not scared of the bed anymore. That's definitely an improvement.

...has also been joining us at the table for meals. He was still in high chair until last week, since he couldn't seem to handle having a plate. Now, however, he's getting it. Mostly. all boy. He climbs everything, bangs on everything, opens everything. He loves cars/trucks/vans/jeeps/etc, keys, and pens. growing up.