Thursday, January 6, 2011



...has decided he wants to potty train. I'm not ready, but he apparently is. He calls it "Poo-poo Bubba" when he wants to sit on the potty-training seat.

...cut all four of his molars without any of us noticing. Seriously. All four. I didn't even notice until last night. FINALLY learning to sleep in his big-boy bed. He doesn't always stay in it, he has yet to pass an entire night in it, he still ends up in crib most of the time. BUT he's not scared of the bed anymore. That's definitely an improvement.

...has also been joining us at the table for meals. He was still in high chair until last week, since he couldn't seem to handle having a plate. Now, however, he's getting it. Mostly. all boy. He climbs everything, bangs on everything, opens everything. He loves cars/trucks/vans/jeeps/etc, keys, and pens. growing up.

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