Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Boy Bed FAIL!

He helped build it.

He played in it.

He went "night night" in it.

But would he sleep in it? Nope!

M got his big boy bed for his birthday. We thought he was ready.
He's such a good sleeper and he loves his sisters' beds.
But his own bed? Not so much.

We put him to bed Friday night in his new bed, and he completely freaked out!
He went running to the door as soon as we left his room, crying that scared cry little kids make. I picked him up, and he clung to me. I tried laying down with him in his bed, but no go.

Needless to say, M ended up back in his crib.

And now? He has no desire to go anywhere near his new bed.


Big fat big boy bed FAIL!

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  1. Went through that with my youngest also. Give it a couple of nights and try nap time in the big bed. Hope it works soon.

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