Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Potty Training Fail

C is three.



And she's just now figuring out this whole pee-and-poop-in-the-potty thing.


Actually, she's been doing a wonderful job lately. If she's bored.

Otherwise, she simply pees on command. You know, like she can (mostly) hold it between times when I tell her to go.

Anyway, since she has been finally willing to (semi-)cooperate with this, she's been dry at night.


So, I put her in underwear last night. Training underwear, but underwear. I didn't fully trust her, but it's been at least two months since she's had an accident at night.

Until last night.


Back to pull-ups. Again.


  1. Oy. That is totally the way it goes though. They're dry forever and just when you think you're home free and put on the underwear they prove you wrong. :( Good luck! At least you know she won't be in diapers forever!

  2. That stinks. Hopefully she will get it soon. I am sure she will. Good Luck!


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