Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surgery Success

M's surgery went well this morning!

We had to get there at 7:00 am, but his surgery wasn't scheduled until 8:30 am. Have you ever tried to keep a tired, hungry, thirsty, bored, 25-pound 15 month-old entertained for an hour and a half with no toys, food, or drink?


I don't recommend you try it anytime soon.


Anyway, soon after we arrived, the anesthesiologist came in to explain what he going to do (gas first, then IV port once he was asleep). We had just assumed the gas was going to happen in the prep room with us there watching him fall asleep.

Um, no.

After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, a very nice male nurse came up, asked us if we were ready, and then held out his arms for M.

I know my heart skipped a beat. THAT I was not prepared for.

So, after prying M from my sweatshirt, I handed him over to this very nice male nurse who promptly walked away with my screaming little boy in his arms.

Fortunately, I was too shocked to be emotional.

Mr. Einstein and I then headed back out into the waiting room where we finally got to eat our breakfast and drink our now-lukewarm coffee. I had every intention of blogging from the waiting room, but due to a dead laptop battery and no outlets to be found, I didn't, obviously.

We were told that the surgery would only last about 20 minutes, and that M would need another 30-40 minutes in the recovery room to wake up before we could see him.

ONE HOUR LATER the surgeon finally comes out and tells us the surgery went well and that M was just now resting in the recovery room. So much for the 20 minutes we were expecting. (Okay. In all fairness, the surgery probably did last 20 minutes. Of course, anesthesia came first, then surgery prep, then surgery, blah, blah, blah. I just wasn't prepared for having to wait an hour after they took him to hear how everything went.) I had been trying really hard not to worry and not to let my mind wander to negative possibilities. It's probably a good thing I was so tired from lack of sleep and so wired from caffeine all at the same time.

Regardless, everything went just as it should. The hernia was taken care of and the little bit of M's hydrocele that was left was also closed up. He has interior stitches, but no exterior ones. The wound was left "open" but taped up with some super-duper waterproof tape. He was, of course, groggy when we finally got to see him, but he just cuddled in close and sucked down water and apple juice as fast as he could.

After another half hour or so, M was declared good to go. His IV port was removed, his incision inspected, his diaper and clothes changed, and we were off. Once we got home, he snuggled for a bit, then was off our laps and down on the floor playing with C and running around the house.

What a goofball!

Before you start questioning the wisdom of this, the surgeon said to let M do what he wanted. If it hurt, he wouldn't do it. It is completely amazing to me that this little boy who was in so much pain last night and had surgery this morning was his usual happy self within an hour of being home. Just amazing!

Right now, he's napping. In a little bit, he'll have a snack and a bath. And tonight there will be no more pain or worries.

God is good!

And I'm so glad this is over!


  1. Thanks for the update. Our prayers were with you!

  2. Yay! And wow for the playing! I remember my brother having to wear some kind of plastic bag down there and being careful. They must have had to make bigger incisions and give stitches 27 years ago! ;)


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