Monday, March 1, 2010

A Long Short Weekend

Friday evening, around dinnertime, M started having one of his "episodes." We didn't think too much of it, since he's been having them off and on for almost three weeks. However, around 9:30 pm, he started vomiting. Again, we didn't think too much of this. We just figured he had a stomach bug on top of his hernia.

I know, right? Poor guy.

He was vomiting every couple of hours or so throughout the night, until about 4:00 am; and he ended up sleeping in until almost 10:30 am, which is really unusual, even when sick. He wasn't hungry when he woke up, his hernia hadn't receded, and he he couldn't even keep water down. Turns out, when a hernia doesn't recede quickly enough, it can cause vomiting. So, we headed to the emergency room.

We have wonderful neighbors who took care of the girls for us and even fed them lunch.

The ER doctor put M on an IV of saline (for hydration) and even had the nurse give him some morphine. Once the morphine kicked in a bit, the doctor had to force M's hernia to recede. Poor little guy! He was screaming! It was painful to watch and listen to. A respiratory doctor happened to walk by during all of this. I was just standing in the doorway with my back turned away from M, and I smiled sheepishly and told the doctor I couldn't handle it, so he came in to help. Mr. Einstein was brave, though.

Once everything was back where it should be, M perked right up, as kids tend to do. He was his normal chatty, playful self within five minutes of the doctor finishing. They kept us just short of another hour for observation then released us with instructions to keep M on a clear liquid diet for six hours. I was trying to figure out how we were to keep a 25-pound 15 month-old from eating. The kid eats all day, when he's feeling well! So, he ended up eating popsicles for the rest of the day, which suited him just fine.

All in all, we were in the ER for about three to four hours. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.

We have a consultation with a surgeon here in town on Tuesday afternoon. We're hoping for a quick surgery scheduling. I can't handle much more of this!

The girls feel ignored, I'm stressed out, Mr. Einstein is stressed out. This needs to end soon for the health and sanity of my family.


  1. Oh my gosh, that does not sound fun. :( I hope things go quickly for you and you don't have another episode of this at all.
    I was surprised how quickly they actually got me in for my gallbladder surgery... within a week I think after the consultation!


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