Monday, July 13, 2009


With a new blog title, I thought I'd reintroduce the characters you meet here and see every so often.

This is M. M= mass. He's my chunk-of-love, my Bubba. Those 7 month-old rolls? They're about 95% breast milk, and about 5% baby food. He's huge.

This is C. C=speed of light. She's fast and she's 2. 'Nough said.

This is E. E=energy. She's 5 and she's wiry. Now, when Einstein came up with his theory of relativity, I'm sure he didn't have my kids in mind. However, my E? She really does equal MC2. She's the firstborn child of two firstborn children. She's doomed.

This is my hubs, my love, my friend, Mr. Einstein. He's an elementary school teacher. How cool is that?

This is me, Hillary, aka Mrs. Einstein. I'm a little bit sassy, little bit blunt, little bit sarcastic. I look remarkably like my sister in this picture, which is funny because we don't really look much alike.

So, this is us. I'm a math major who taught English married to an English teacher who taught math, and these are our progeny.



  1. Love the change! So creative.

  2. very cool! I like it so far! And glad that it makes you happy.

  3. woo hoo, I can comment!

    I like your explanations and the picture of you is awesome!


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