Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Normal" Is Only a Setting On the Dryer

Why is it that getting home from a vacation is so stressful?

Despite two weeks of doing not much more than relaxing, I'm wiped out.

Why is it that the routine of activities, house-cleaning, general maintenance, summer jobs, fun, and naps is so difficult to reestablish?

Of course Prince Charming had to go to work this morning. Of course he did.

Why is it that the arguing, screaming, clutter, and dirtying of dishes are the first things to fall back into place?


Oh, relaxing vacation! Where art thou? Thou art but a vague, distant memory, though ended only yesterday.

Oh, for something easy, something familiar, something normal, that doesn't include arguing, mediating, or high-pitched voices. Maybe I should just go do laundry...


  1. oh that really stinks!!!! I know what you mean. I'm ready to just take a nap myself. I haven't been on vacation in years. Lucky.

  2. I was just mentioning to a friend that it seems I come back from vacation more unfit to be a mother than when I left. Whether with the kids or without, vacation hangover is no fun. I hope you, the Prince and the kids get back into the swing of things somewhat smoothly... for all of your sakes!

  3. Um... that last comment was me. Sorry for any confusion. :)

  4. Glad you are back! I feel the same way... and I only have to take care of myself. Hope your week gets better!

  5. Laundry is always the worst part...the absolute very worst!

  6. i totally know what you are talking about. i always need a vacation after my vacations


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