Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Years Old

Sleeping Beauty turned two yesterday.

And I forgot.

Cinderella had to remind me.

My problem was that we celebrated Sleeping Beauty's birthday on Sunday evening, since we knew we wouldn't be around the house last night.

Regardless, she is now officially two.

And being two for her means new things to discover, explore, and try.

Being two for me means having to admit that another one of my babies is finally growing up.

That and trying to finally capture the smile of my second daughter with my brand new camera. It's rare we get a picture of her actually smiling. Sleeping Beauty is so cute in person, but definitely not photogenic.


  1. It's so sad when our princesses grow up. My youngest princess is about to turn 1. I like your blog name but I tell my older princess that I'm the Queen so she has to listen to me. It works for the most part

  2. She is gorgeous! Enjoy the twos mom because the threes are fast around the corner.

  3. Happy belated birthday sleeping beauty!! plus shes beautiful!!!


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