Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, I Am Fully Aware New Year's Has Come and Gone

I am so behind the times!

We spent a wonderful New Year's week up in Lake Wenatchee with lots of family.
The 5 of us, Prince Charming's parents, my parents, Prince Charming's brother and sister-in-law, and her parents all lived cozily together in a beautiful lodge for 5 days.

There was snow galore! So much snow, in fact, there we were a little worried we might actually be snowed in. Well, not us; we didn't have to cross the passes to get home.
There was so much snow that we actually lost satellite reception on New Year's Day.

Yep. No football for us. At least not until evening.

That's okay. We had fun anyway.
We ate way too much food and drank way too much wine.
We played cards and games.
We watched TV.
We chatted in front of roaring fires.
We napped and worked on puzzles.
We sledded.

It was a wonderful week, and we're definitely doing it again next year!
In fact, we've already got it booked.

Now if only my sister and her fiance would join us...

The first evening there, we had another Christmas.

The girls opened presents...

...while the adults took pictures.

The rest of the week, we sledded.

And Sleeping Beauty refused to keep her mittens on.

Here's the gang.
One would think that with 10 adults in the room, at least one of them would think to turn some lights on while we took group pictures.
We didn't.

I'm already looking forward to 2010 to do it all again!


  1. Looks like you and I are in the same boat with the Facebook mojo stealing... glad to see you back here.

  2. Hey, I feel insulted. We have every intention of comming up. You know who told us not to?!? That would be your father (shoot, he's my father too). We're going to try for this year, for at least new years!!

  3. I know he did. It really was incredibly unsafe that day. It was good you guys stayed home, even though we missed you.


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