Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Buddha Belly (Button)

Being pregnant definitely does have its perks.

(And I mean besides getting a new baby and bigger boobs.)

One of my favorite pregnancy perks is my belly button. And getting to finally clean the thing out.

I have, by nature, an incredibly deep cavern of a belly button. It's so deep, that when I'm not pregnant, I can't even reach most of the creases and crevasses, even with tweezers.

(Actually, it's so deep that this is the first pregnancy where it's finally decided to pop out. I've never had my belly button pop out while pregnant before. It's kind of weirding me out.)

So, I have been taking great advantage of my swollen abdomen lately by indulging in some nice, deep cleaning of my belly button.

And it feels great!

Not the cleaning part; that part doesn't necessarily feel good. The satisfaction of having a clean belly button is what feels good.

It's the deep, dark little things in life that obviously entertain me.

Are you completely grossed out yet?


  1. It's strangely wonderful how good it feels to be able to easily clean your belly button. Mine is obviously a cave again. :(

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! I too was finally able to feel like mine was clean while I was pregnant!


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