Thursday, September 18, 2008

All Things Bavarian, Except for the Italian

Tomorrow afternoon, Prince Charming and I are heading off into the sunset. Just the two of us.

We're going to Leavenworth. Just the two of us.

When I left my job right before Sleeping Beauty was born, I was gifted with a two-nights' stay at a B&B in Leavenworth. We're finally going to be able to use it. Just the two of us.

Prince Charming and I have never left the girls overnight before. Cinderella, twice, but those were leadership retreats through our church. And she was older. Sleeping Beauty has never been left behind before overnight.

Yes, I'm totally nervous about leaving her. She's my cuddle-bug. Her napping is all wacky lately. She's got some intestinal yuckies going on (sorry mom-in-law).

But the screaming (mostly in play; rarely in anger)? The bad napping? The nasty poopies? I can do without all of those for two days.

It's time for a break, just the two of us.

So, we're going to Leavenworth tomorrow. And hopefully we'll get to enjoy some good Italian food while we're there.


  1. hee hee.. I would never go to L-town on vacation, but that's because I grew up there! ;)
    If you want good Italian go to Visconti's. Yum!
    and if you like Mexican at all I highly recommend Los Camperos.
    I personally don't like German food, but the best place in town for that is Cafe Mozart. Otherwise you'll just have a belly full of grease...
    Have fun!

  2. Or, I forgot, some of the little sausage stands are pretty good. Just watch out for Cafe Christa, King Ludwig's, and the one that's "underground" directly across from the gazebo.

  3. How wonderful! I hope you are having a fantastic time away!


  4. a break? Just the two of you? Sounds like a sibling to me.....

  5. Wonderful. Hope you have a great break with Prince Charming.
    Blessings from Costa Rica


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