Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--Our Vacation in Pictures (and Captions)

I suppose I could explain away my lack of blogging lately by mentioning that we were on vacation last week, but that's not really a good excuse. It's AN excuse, just not a good one. We WERE on vacation last week, but that doesn't really explain my apathy toward blogging lately.

Anyway, here is our week-long vacation in pictures (and captions). We had a long, tiring week, but it was fun. We were up and down the West side, from Renton to Bellingham last week, making Seattle our home base.

Good times!

At the Woodland Park Zoo with friends.

Riding the rides at the Seattle Center.

Getting wet at the International Fountain at Seattle Center.

(We didn't actually go up the Space Needle, but I thought this was a cool picture
through the water of the International Fountain.)

Tickling Grandpa at a Mariner's game. They actually won, believe it or not.
(Yes, I know it's blurry.)

At Clayton Beach down Chuckanut Drive just outside of Bellingham.

Having fun with friends in Bellingham.
(Prince Charming and I haven't seen them in four years.)

At the beach just outside of Marysville.


We came home and decided to blow this sucker up, even though it was cool and windy.
It didn't last long. We'll try again in a few more days.

For more pictures (and probably fewer words), visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

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