Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And We Have a Name (I Think)

Yea! We have a name for this child!

For now.

(And, no, I'm not going to share it with the interweb. Sorry.)

We might change the name later, but probably not.

I hope not.

It's not that I'm incredibly attached to the name, I just want this process to be over for good.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave us names or naming advice. I appreciated everything immensely!

Some of the names were on our humongous list already. Some of your suggestions made it onto our list.

In the end, though, we just narrowed it down.

The funny thing is, the name we chose wasn't even one of our favorites. We both liked it; we both kept it on our lists as they got smaller and smaller; we both chose it as our top name once the original list was narrowed down to two.

It's one we kicked around after Cinderella was conceived and before the ultrasound, but we had completely forgotten it while pregnant with Sleeping Beauty.

Funny how things eventually come around again, if you give them enough time.

I will tell you this much: it's Biblical (even though we got it from the Bible, that wasn't one of the criteria for picking a name); it's unusual but with a common nickname; and I suppose it's a little obscure, though normal.

We don't think the name is that unusual, but we've thought about it off and on for almost five years. We're used to it.

And while you don't hear it very often, there's nothing weird about it.

It's a good, solid name.

We've gotten mixed reactions from the few people we've told, but everyone agrees the nickname is more than acceptable.

I guess you can't please everyone.

Especially Cinderella. More on that later.


  1. But will you share it privately? ;)

  2. okay, so fuck everyone else. YOU'RE the one who will be screaming that name at the top of your lungs when all hell breaks loose. right?


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