Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Foggy Days

It's been awhile since I posted, and it'll probably be a while until I post again after this.

You see, my house has been living under this oppressive fog for the last few days.

And I'm not talking about the weather. It is beautiful and sun-shiny and relative warm (40's) here on my side of the state, but we can't enjoy it. Not this week.

We're sick.

The girls have this nasty barking-cough-slash-runny-nose cold that happens to be going around out here. And there are few things worse than a baby with a cold.

So, why the fog?

I'm getting it, too. My head is cloudy, my throat is dry, my nose is stuffy, and my eyes are drooping.

The worst thing is that this is, of course, a very busy week in our little palace.

I have school work to finish that should have been turned in last Friday to guarantee grading in time for the term to end next week. We have a wedding to go to this Friday evening that will require us to stay the night at my husband's cousin's house (which will be a blast, though!).

Oh foggy days! Go away soon! Stop plaguing us with your coughing and sneezing; leave us alone for good and don't come back a week later, like you are wont to do. Let us enjoy this rare sunshine and "warm" weather. Be gone!

Somehow, I don't think it listened, or cared.

Excuse me while I wipe my nose...and Cinderella's...and Sleeping Beauty's...


  1. Oh yuck! I hope everyone feels better soon.

    I swear by that Airborne stuff. It helps me get over colds a lot faster.

  2. Oh no...feel better:) I am a Ziacam nut...worth a try.

  3. My sister swears by Cold-Eze... says they taste gross but do the trick. Good luck with the creepign crud... it's the pits to have sick kids and then be sick yourself. Get better soon.

  4. Ew. Sounds like you caught what we had last week. I guess it's making the rounds. My poor baby was so sick he was cranky (and that's going some for Mr. Cheerful) and my hubby had to take 2 days off work.
    Thankfully we're mostly back to normal now. Good luck!

  5. You poor thing. I was like that a couple of weeks ago. My hubby tried that Zicam cold remedy gel swabs and his really was a lot shorter than normal. It's worth a shot.

    Here's hoping it goes away soon.

  6. Being sick is no fun. Good luck rising above the fog!

  7. We're fighting it too! Sorry to hear you all are sick. As if we needed something like this during the cold months. :)

  8. I hope y'all are feeling better!

  9. You've such a amusing writing style, it's a pleasure to read your blog! Hope you all feel better soon!


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