Thursday, November 26, 2009


Last year on Thanksgiving, I was in the hospital.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I ate a hospital Thanksgiving meal for lunch, and had hospital Salisbury steak for dinner.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I spent the entire day gazing at my newborn son.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I was recuperating from birthing a 10 pound 11 ounce baby.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I was thankful for the nursing staff at the hospital who did everything they could think of to help me avoid a c-section.


This year, I am home.

This year, I am once again cooking Thanksgiving dinner. For dinner.

This year, I will spend the entire day gazing at my one year-old son.

This year, I am thankful for my family gathering together at my home to celebrate not only Thanksgiving, but my 24 pound monkey of a son.

Happy 1st birthday, M! For you, we are ever thankful.


  1. HOly 10lbs 11oz!!! He's such a cutie - I'm sure the year has FLOWN by! Happy Thanksgiving, glad you could eat at home this year ;D)

  2. I love when my husband and i pass time together specially when we are with all the family celebrating the thanksgiving. Is sure this year we´ll be happy all of us together and enjoying. But i am thankful because my husband buy viagra and he has more self-steem.I am really happy.


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