Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dirty Talk

Whoever told me that changing a boy's dirty diaper is easier than changing a girl's dirty diaper had either a) never changed a boy, or b) never changed a girl.

After 8 months of changing a boy's diapers, and 8 months of changing both a boy's and a girl's diapers simultaneously, let me tell you:

The boy's? Much more difficult. Much.

Sure, a girl has more crevices. But a girl's? Much more accessible.
A boy's? His are deeper and require moving things around.

A girl's? Takes a few swipes over a large area.
A boy's? Takes several swipes in the same small area. And a moving of things.

A girl's? So easy to tell when clean.
A boy's? Not so much.

Whoever said that to me? Liar!

I'll give you this much: they both equally stink.

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