Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Status Report

Five weeks left until the Little Prince makes his appearance.

I'm still not ready.

We really need to start collecting some baby clothes. I actually broke down and bought some 0-3 month sleepers today. I never buy 0-3 month clothes, for myself or others.

I bit my tongue so hard during church last Sunday that it not only bled, but also left a bruise. On my tongue.

I have schoolwork to finish, but I'm just too tired.

I nap every day now.

Leavenworth was fantastic! I had a whole post planned about it, but I almost think it's too late. Maybe not. We'll see.

Cinderella started preschool 3 weeks ago and is absolutely loving it!

She also started ballet again, but the class is being canceled since there are only 2 girls in it. She'll be transferring to a combo class, which includes ballet, jazz, and clogging. I'm going to have a clogger in the house! Lord, help me!

Her last soccer game is next week. She still doesn't quite get it.

Sleeping Beauty now has 12 teeth and a whole slew of new words added to her vocabulary. My favorites are "shoe" (said clear as a bell), "taintoo" (thank you), and "yeah."

The school in our backyard now has 4 walls and a roof.

The PUD has been replacing all of the utility poles on our street for the last 3 weeks (more construction!).

A new house is going in next door (even more construction!).

We are going to have to pay for road improvements and sidewalks, as well as give up some of our property for these sidewalks (stupid easements).

That's the last 3 weeks in a nutshell. Plus whatever I forgot.

Like the new look?

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  1. I do like the new look.

    The only think I bought for Odessa was socks, everything else just kind of appeared. And then a bunch of socks appeared too.


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