Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heat Shmeat

I. Detest. Heat.

Give me cold any day over heat.

It has been over 100 degrees here for the past 3 days.

The rest of the week is supposed to cool off, though. Into the 90's. High 90's, to be exact, though with hardly any humidity.

85 degrees is about my maximum heat tolerance. Add in humidity, and my threshold drops dramatically.

Prince Charming, however, LOVES heat. He GLORIES in it. He THRIVES in it.

Me? I just hole myself up in my air conditioned house.

I am thankful that there is relatively little humidity where I live. I don't know how my brother- and sister-in-law handle living in Texas. I would have melted a long time ago.

The only good thing about heat (that I can see) is the amount of yummy, sweet, fresh produce the heat manages to bring with it.

Like, peaches, for instance.

I am CRAVING peaches right now. And nectarines. That sweet, juiciness is calling to me, even as I type. I could eat at least three in a sitting.

Unfortunately, Washington peaches aren't quite ready yet, so I'm paying more to satisfy my craving than I usually would. I am eagerly anticipating the first Saturday that peaches show up at my farmer's market. I could probably buy a box a week, but I won't.

Until then, I will just be miserable. With no local peaches to ease the prickliness of the heat. And less grocery money per week to spend on popsicles.


  1. I just ate a nectarine myself. They are so perfect right now.

  2. I am with ya on the heat and the peaches! I grew up in Texas and didn't really go outside much until I moved away!

  3. Yeah, anything over 75 is too hot for me! And humidity? I hate it. I grew up in the midwest where it was muggy and buggy from Memorial Day to almost Halloween. Hated that kind of weather!


  4. No peaches or nectarines in our market yet either although the peaches were on sale last week at Safeway so I bought a few.
    We went to a wedding in Spokane on Sunday in this heat. 4pm in the direct sun with no shade around. Ugh. Poor couple - all their guests left way early since it was just too hot to stand.


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