Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Remind Me Again Why, Exactly, it's Called "Morning" Sickness...

I think these names are way more appropriate:

Afternoon sickness.

Evening sickness.

All-day-long sickness.

I-just-ate sickness.

No-honey-not-tonight-I-don't-feel-well sickness.

P.U.!-The-litter-box-stinks! sickness.

I-just-thought-about-peanut-butter sickness.

My-brain-says-"Shower!"-my-stomach-says-"Purge!" sickness.

I-have-to-change-ANOTHER-poopy-diaper? sickness.


  1. Okay, you seriously scare me when it comes to this. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it!!! Hang in there!!

  2. I feel your pain, sister. Hopefully this will pass in a few weeks, but that's not much encouragement for now. Hang in there!

  3. "no way am i cooking dinner tonight" sickness

    "sorry we cant watch any movies that contain scenes of food-eating" sickness

    "can't drive passed any chinese restaurants with the windows down" sickness

    "if you heat that oil on the stove i will kill you" sickness

  4. LOL "I just thought about peanut butter" is right!

  5. Ugh. I had that all day sickness too. I feel for you!

  6. Oh man do I remember those gets better:)


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