Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I tell her daily

that she needs to stop

growing up so fast.


she doesn't listen.


she keeps getting older;

and today,

she is seven.

Happy Seventh Birthday, E!

I'm really sorry I posted this picture of you.

But, seriously, if you're not going to smile at the camera, what choice do I have?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Difference Between Boys and Girls--The Vacuum

E has a couple of irrational fears, one of them being the vacuum cleaner. I have no idea where it came from (I didn't torment her as a baby, I swear!), but she has so kindly (and intentionally, grr!) instilled this fear into her sister.


M, on the other hand, has decided to completely ignore his big sisters' silliness about the vacuum cleaner and loves it!

Here's how a typical morning in house goes when I decide to vacuum:

C (and E, if she's home): gets excited, then panics (before I've even considered turning the vacuum on), then runs and jumps on her bed.

M: gets excited, then tried to steal the extensions so he can sword fight with them.

C: sits on her bed, laughing because I can't get her, but worriedly reminds me not to get her.

M: sits in front of the vacuum cleaner (laughing) so I'll push the vacuum into him.

C: follows me from room to room, begging me not to get her.

M: follows me from room to room begging me to get him.

Seriously! What is up with these kids? How were they all possibly born to the same parents?